The Wolverine Samurai Sword & Sheath


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Yakuza samurai sword featured in the 2013 Marvel superhero film The Wolverine. Brought to Japan by the dying head of a large industrial corporation, Logan, actor Hugh Jackman faces his past, and the fearful mutant The Silver Samurai. This beautiful samurai style short sword was used by all the members of the Yakuza in the film. The real metal sword features a black wrapped handle, square pommel and long silver blade. Included is a black sheath with attached black leather back strap. This specific sword was used by actor Jonathan Ronin who was the photo double for Ken Yamura, who portrayed a young Yashida, the main villain. This piece features a piece of blue tape on the back of the sheath with the words “1117 Johnathan Ronan” and remains in excellent, screen used condition.

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