The Osiris Chronicles Thorpe Hero Knife & Sheath


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Original hero Knife used by by Justin Thorpe, actor John Corbett in the science fiction made for TV movie The Osiris Chronicles, AKA Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy. The story centers around a galactic civil war that has lead to a new Dark Age. Thief Thorpe seeks help from a former rebel, now a warlord, and a former general, who wishes to rebuild the Galactic Republic, to save his missing sister Nova from mysterious aliens.

This hero knife was designed by conceptual artist John Eaves from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fame and was the main weapon used by the hero of the story. This piece features a solid brass handle with real metal blade. The handle features two sections of black leather and the blade features a serrated edge with aline style text engraved on one side. The sheath is also made of steel and features a hammered look and a belt attachment. This piece remains in excellent, production used condition.

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