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Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Insignia Plaque & Tubing


Borg insignia plaque featured in the fan favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Q-Who”. In the season two episode the Borg are first introduced when the being known as “Q” transports the Enterprise far from known space. This plaque can be seen aboard the Borg ship in the hallways and entranceways and featured the red handprint over a gold circuitry backing. Made from a piece of thick black artist board measuring 5.5″ x 12″, this piece was made by Michael Okua whom worked in the art department during the production of TNG. This item includes a piece of black tubing with silver shading that was part of the Locutus Of Borg costume featured in the episode “The Best of Both Worlds”. These items were given out during a studio walkthrough for the make a wish foundation by producer Brannon Braga and remain in excellent, production used condition.

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