Star Trek: First Contact Borg Queen Crew Maquette


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Very rare maquette featuring the likeness of the Borg Queen given out to select crew members who worked on Star Trek: First Contact. This beautiful maquette, which features the final design for the evil Borg Queen who was introduced in the film was made by the company Todd Masters, who specialize in prosthetic makeup-up effects and special visual effects. These were made and given out to very few team members at special effects house. The piece is made of cast resin and painted an aged silver with hues of gold. The model has three metal accents on the top of the head, and stands on a custom resin base painted bronze, featuring the lettering “Todd Masters Prosthetic Make-Up Effects Special Visual Effects Queen Borg Star Trek: First Contact”. This item stands 13″ tall and remains in excellent, production made condition.

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Dimensions 24 x 12 x 12 in


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