Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV) Vash's Pouch


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Pouch used by the character of Vash in the first season of the hit science fiction television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. A spin-off of `Star Trek: The Next Generation’, `Deep Space Nine’ is set on a space station orbiting the planet Bajor. This time, Commander Benjamin Sisko is in charge of a diverse crew. But unlike other `Star Trek’ series, there’s no USS Enterprise to help them. Sisko and the crew must fight off rival alien species who want control of Deep Space Nine because of its strategic position close to a wormhole, which allows speedy travel to the far reaches of space.

This pouch was used in various episodes of the first season of DS9, including being used by the character of Vash in the fan favorite episode “Q-Less”, where she held a valuable item in her storage unit, as well as the pouch used to half various jewels in the episode “Move Along Home”. The pouch used various draw strings when it was re-used but retains the string from when used in “Q-Less”. This is a medium brown moleskin pouch with drawstring, lightweight with stitching around the opening. This item remains in excellent, production used condition.

This item is accompanied by an official Prop Block COA (Certificate of Authenticity). 


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