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Star Trek TMP Studio Scale Enterprise Model

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Studio scale Enterprise model replica as featured in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. This replica model was created by The FX Company, a professional model company specializing in studio scale models. This specific piece was custom made and features three different light modes to simulate the studio filming miniature seen on screen. Made from resin and fiberglass, the paint scheme on this piece matches the original, with an intricate “Aztec” detailing and metallic reflective colors. The model is mounted onto a black wooden base via a studio quality metal mount and is powered by a 12v wall power charger. The model has three wireless remote controls, one that turns on the main lighting, theĀ  second activates the secondary lighting and the third the warp nacelles. The model has sequencing lights such as blinking lights on the edge of the saucer, the sides of the main body and the nacelles. When the secondary power is turned on the deflector dish is yellow, when the warp power is activated the deflector dish turns a bright blue. The model features a very intricate and fully painted lounge area on the back of the bridge where you can see small crew members, and a fully painted arboretum that is located on the bottom of the secondary hull. The landing bay doors are removable and the ship features a fully built and painted shuttle area with strobbing and sequencing lights. The model is accompanied by a set of miniature shuttles, including two Vulcan sled’s (which attach to the docking port on the back of the bridge section), two shuttles, two transport shuttles (which also attaches to the torpedo dock on the sides of the model) and a fleet of small “worker bee’s”. Includes are two plaques from the “FX Company” and a set of extra crewmember models that will fit into the model, the crew member figures represent the TMP and the TWOK crew, so that the ship can be displayed from either film. This piece features a custom crate made by the model studio. The item is in immaculate condition, with no scrapes or dents in the main body or paint, but does features slight cracking in the paint on the top of the secondary hull where the nacelle pylons meet, this is due to the age of the model and the weight of the nacelles, but is hardly noticeable and easily fixable. This item remains in excellent condition and will require special shipping due to it’s size.


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