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Predators (2010) Production Made Unfinished Helmet


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An unfinished Predator helmet from the 2010 science fiction/action film, Predators. The helmet is a fiberglass casting that was produced by the production for use in the film but not finished or seen on screen. It shows signs of sanding and filling in various areas from when it was worked on by the production, along with black marker lines on the left side. This piece remains in excellent, production made condition.

NOTE: This item has been partially restored by the previous owner. It shows signs of restoration around the top edges where body filler was applied to fix the edges as well as spot filling on various areas of the piece. This has in no manner taken away from the provenance of the item and if you have further questions on the piece and the restoration please email us. Thank you.

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Dimensions 18 x 15 x 8 in


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