Planet Of The Apes (2001) Chimpanzee Head Appliance


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Production-made chimpanzee full-head mask appliance created for Planet of the Apes directed by Tim Burton and released in 2001. The mask is made of foam latex and is molded over a plastic face form. The mask has been painted in various tones of browns and pink and it has hair embedded in and around the ears. The mask would have been secured by the wearer by means of elastic straps in the back with snap and buckle closures. The foam latex is still soft and pliable in most areas but some stiffness and cracking is occurring on the edges of the neck hole. The mask comes mounted for display on a foam head with a plywood base. The foam head is labeled ‘C.FONTENOT/#2 CHIMP’ in blue ink. The base is labeled in two places with ‘C. FONTENOT CHIMP’ on white labels. The mask and display together measure approximately 14 inches tall.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 12 x 18 in


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