James Bond: Die Another Day (2002) Stunt Makarov PM Pistol


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Markarov PM Pistol used in the production of the 2002 spy thriller James Bond: Die Another Day. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is captured by North Korean agents and must serve a grueling prison sentence. He’s finally released, and is convinced that someone in his own agency betrayed him. He escapes from custody and travels to Cuba, hot on the heels of Zao (Rick Yune), the agent who put Bond behind bars. Meanwhile, Bond begins romancing NSA agent Jinx (Halle Berry) as he uncovers a scheme concocted by Zao and British millionaire Graves (Toby Stephens), involving a highly destructive laser. This style of pistol was used by various people in the film, first seen by Bon’s teammates while infiltrating North Korea and also used by North Korean spy’s. This piece is cast in a very dense urethane rubber and was cast from a live fire pistol, retaining all the originals details. This piece is painted weathered silver with dark brown handles and remains in excellent, production used condition.

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