Hercules (2014) Sitacles Officers Armor


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Complete set of Sitacles Officers armor featured in the 2013 Dwayne Johnson action film Hercules. Though he is famous across the ancient world for his larger-than-life exploits, Hercules (Dwayne Johnson), the son of Zeus and a human woman, is haunted by his tragic past. This set of armor was used throughout the film, most noticeably in the final battle scene where hoards of these red armor clad soldiers can be seen. The main costume is comprised of a fiberglass chest and back plate, red in color with gold accents and matching wrist cuffs. Included is a set of matching grieve armor and heavy leather red skirt with a long brown canvas undershirt and pair of matching sandals. The costume is completed by a fiberglass helmet with metal accents, painted an aged gold with a long main of black faux hair, and a very long aged red canvas cape that attached to the chest of the main armor. This complete set features costumers tags for each piece stating the costume was worn by the actor John Cross. This piece was custom made for the production and remains in excellent, production used condition.

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