Earth: Final Conflict Hero Volunteer Rifle


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Companion Volunteer rifle featured in the Gene Roddenberry science fiction show Earth: Final Conflict. Aliens called Taelons have become a part of Earth culture and are called Companions, but there’s a resistance movement of people skeptical of the Taelons’ intent toward humans. Even the Taelons themselves are divided. This rifle was used in the series finale episode where Liam Kincade and Renee Palmer used these modified rifles to stop Howlin and the invasion of the Atavus. The main gun is made of a thick vacu-formed plastic that is reinforced by fiberglass and filled with a hard rigid foam. This piece has an attached silver resin piece on the front with light up red LED lights on the side and front. There is a space on each side of the rifle for a Cyalume glow light. This item measures over 42″ long and remains in excellent, production used condition.

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