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Collection of patches use din the short lived science fiction series Defying Gravity. An international crew of eight astronauts — four men and four women — sets off on a mysterious, six-year mission covering billions of miles aboard a ship called the Antares. Inspired by the fictional docudrama “Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets,” the show tells the story of both the astronauts as they explore Venus and the other planets in the solar system, and their supportive and dedicated ground crew. Episodes alternate between the present, on the current mission, and flashbacks to earlier years when the final eight were still in the grueling selection and training process.

This set consists of four patches, a small “ISO” blue patch as seen on various measures wear and a yellow “Mars 40-42” patch as seen on the flight crew uniforms and flight suits. Also included is a standard issue larger ISO patch with red, blue and grey detailing and an “Antaries” mission patch as seen on the flight suits the crew wears throughout the series. Each patch was custom made by the production and embroidered. This set remains in excellent, production made condition.

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