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Babylon 5 Production Lineage PPG Replica


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A PPG (Phased Plasma Pistol) replica cast directly from the studio molds by the original prop master of the cult science fiction show Babylon 5. This piece is a replica, that was made by the original prop master of the show from the original studio molds and is identical to its on screen counterpart. Made of resin, this piece features the later B5 design that was also used in the spinoff series Crusade. The piece features a metallic silver paint scheme with a black wash giving it a realistic look. The grips are painted black and this piece also features a removable power cap. This item is accompanied by a COA from the prop master stating it’s lineage. The COA is signed by the prop master as well as signed by the actress Claudia Christen who portrayed Susan Ivanova in the show. Included is a 8×10 glossy photograph of Claudia Christen signed by the actress.

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